Form a Wyoming LLC

Start a Wyoming Limited Liability Company (LLC) with Us and Get Registered Agent Service and Mail Forwarding for $250 Total!

What separates us from the competition? Our all-inclusive business formation packages. We offer clients full-service Wyoming LLC formation assistance for $250 total, providing clients with:

  • Wyoming LLC formation service
  • A year of Wyoming registered agent and online account business tracking software
  • Mail forwarding service
  • A free, no-risk trial of Phone Service (just $9 month after the first 60 days)
  • Optional services you can add inside your client account, like registering a DBA for your business with our Trade Name Service for $225

Our Wyoming LLC formation service the best of all worlds, giving Wyoming entrepreneurs a one-stop, inexpensive business startup service.

Wyoming LLC Formation Service Overview:

When you hire us to form your LLC in Wyoming, you’re going to receive the full treatment to make starting your business in Wyoming simple. You get:

  • Wyoming LLC
    With the information you provide on our sign-up form, we’ll complete your Wyoming LLC’s formation documents (Articles of Organization) and file the LLC formation documents with the Wyoming Secretary of State. We’ll also provide you with the following: a Wyoming LLC operating agreement, WY LLC membership certificates, and initial resolutions to open a bank account. We’ll also file the Articles of Organization using our address, so your personal information can remain private.
  • Registered Agent Service in Wyoming
    Wyoming LLCs have the distinct privilege of being formed as private entities, meaning your personal information can be kept off public records. But the LLC’s can only remain private if you hire a registered agent. That’s why we include Wyoming registered agent service with every Wyoming LLC we form. As your Wyoming registered agent, we’ll accept service of process (notice of lawsuits) and official notices on behalf of your Wyoming LLC and forward all documents to you electronically and physically (whenever necessary). As your Wyoming registered agent, we will alert when you need to file your annual reports with the secretary of state.
  • Mail Forwarding
    Once your Wyoming LLC has been formed, you can have your LLC’s mail will come directly to us. Wyoming mail forwarding is included with our LLC formation package, we’ll digitally scan and forward two pieces of mail to your online account each month at no additional charge. However, you are free to upgrade to one of our Wyoming mail forwarding packages at any time if you require additional forwarding or the original copies of mail we receive on your Wyoming LLC’s behalf. When we receive mail for your LLC, we’ll scan the mail to your online account. There you’ll be able to access each mail item your Wyoming LLC has received, and you can access your mail in Wyoming from anywhere you are in the world. Service of process and other official mail received by your registered agent will not count toward your monthly mail forwarding total.
  • Secure, Online Access to All Documents
    With online access to your all your LLC’s documents, you’ll be able to view all documents in one secure location. Whether we’ve received service of process, a notice from the state, a piece of mail, or are sending you an annual report reminder, you can view all your Wyoming LLC’s documents on your smart phone, tablet, or computer anywhere in the world you have Internet access.

Need a Wyoming LLC Virtual Office Package?

For $50 more you can have one

If you are not a Wyoming resident, but want to take advantage of Wyoming’s business-friendly atmosphere, you’re going to need Wyoming nexus. Nexus is defined as sufficient physical presence to collect and pay tax on sales in that state. Many foreign residents want Wyoming nexus, so that their business falls under Wyoming taxation. While we cannot guarantee you that a court will find deem your LLC to have Wyoming nexus, our Wyoming Nexus package will help to put you on the right path.

Our Wyoming LLC Nexus Package Includes:

  • Wyoming LLC Formation
  • Wyoming Registered Agent Service
  • Our Basic Mail Forwarding Package (5 mail items a month)
  • Secure, Online Account
  • Leased space in our building
  • Total price: $250 + $50 a month to lease space in our building.

See our Wyoming virtual office page to learn more.

Wyoming LLC Maintenance Requirements

Wyoming LLCs are low maintenance business entities, however, to keep your LLC in good standing with the State of Wyoming, you’ll need to do the following each year:

  • File LLC Annual Report
    The Wyoming Secretary of State requires that each LLC file an annual report. In Wyoming, annual reports are simply a verification of contact information and can be completed in a few minutes. The reports are due on the first day of your LLC’s filing anniversary month (if you filed your LLC on Feb. 15th, your annual report would be due on Feb. 1 the following year). Wyoming annual reports cost $50 and can be filed online. For those who are concerned about privacy, only an “authorized person” is required to sign the annual report, meaning membership information is not required. Warning: If your annual report is not filed within 60 days of its deadline, your LLC may be administratively dissolved by the Wyoming Secretary of State.
  • Taxes
    Wyoming has no personal income tax, and if your LLC is taxed as a partnership or S-corp, any profits will be passed onto you personally. That means you’ll only be required to remit any sales tax collected to the state and file your federal income tax (likely Form 1040 Schedule C, E or F).

Wyoming LLC Advantages

Wyoming is a great state for a lot of reasons, but as far as business goes, our LLCs are some of the nation’s best. Just take a look to see why:

  • No Corporate Formalities
    Wyoming LLCs don’t need to hold annual meetings or vote on resolutions. They’re low maintenance.
  • Asset Protection
    Wyoming has some of the strongest LLC protection statutes in the nation, and it’s one of the only states to extend charging order rememdies to single-member LLCs.
  • Privacy
    You can keep your personal information off public records in Wyoming when you form an LLC.
  • No Business Licenses
    Wyoming does not have a state business license. Some specific businesses have required permits and licenses, but in general, businesses can operated unfettered by bureaucratic red tape.