Get Wyoming Mail Forwarding Today!

Plans starting at $10!

Daily Digital Mail Forwarding

We will scan your Wyoming business’ mail daily and upload it directly to your online account, where you can access your Wyoming mail anywhere in the world.

Instant Wyoming Mailbox

Mail that arrives to your unique Wyoming mailing address at our commercial office will be scanned and forwarded into your online account the same day it arrives—you’ll get your Wyoming mail instantly!

Secure Data

Online accounts are all secured with 256-bit encryption and are hosted on a secure in-house server. We are also the only Wyoming mail forwarding company that owns our own building, meaning your mail is safe online and off.

Create Wyoming Nexus

One of the first steps in creating a substantial presence in Wyoming is obtaining an address. We’ve got one for you! Get your own, physical Wyoming mailing address today!

Virtual Phone System

We provide a no-risk, 60-day trial of Phone Service for every mail forwarding client. Protect your privacy with a simple, secure virtual phone line with your choice of area code. Just $9 monthly after the first 60 days. Unlimited call forwarding included.

Wyoming Mail Forwarding Service Choices

What we offer at Wyoming Mail Forwarding is choice! While all options include your own unique Wyoming mailing address, your mail forwarding service depends on how much mail you want forwarded each month and what options you choose.

Free $15 Setup Fee Scan Daily
The WYO Basic
$100/yr 20 items/yr Scan Daily
The WYO 5
$10/mo 5 items/mo Scan Daily
The WYO 10
$20/mo 10 items/mo Scan Daily
The WYO 15
$30/mo 15 items/mo Scan Daily
The Open Range Unlimited
$50/mo 15 items/mo Scan Daily

Free Wyoming Mail Forwarding

That’s right! We’ve got a free Wyoming mail forwarding package. If your business just needs a mailing address and does not intend to receive any actual mail, we’re here to help. If your business does receive any mail at its Wyoming address, you’ll be charged $10 an item.

The WYO Basic

20 mail items forwarded for $100 a year. Includes daily scanning. You choose whether we scan your mail or forward the original on a weekly basis. If you receive more than 20 mail items in a year, no problem—each item is an additional $5 scan/forwarding fee! $50 deposit required.

The WYO 5

$10 a month Wyoming mail forwarding package includes daily scanning; 5 items scanned to your online account each month. This option is perfect for businesses that receive mail irregularly each a month and wants to manage their Wyoming mail electronically.

The WYO 10

Includes daily scanning; 10 mail items scanned and uploaded to your online account per month. Ideal for small businesses and individuals that receive minimal amounts of Wyoming mail on a regular basis.

The WYO 15

Includes daily scanning; 15 items per month. You choose whether we scan your mail for electronic Wyoming mail management or we will scan front of envelope and forward originals through the mail weekly for no additional charge. Ideal for businesses and individuals seeking privacy and discrete Wyoming mail forwarding services.

The Open Range Unlimited

If you’re seeking Wyoming nexus for your business, one of the most important aspects of achieving a substantial presence in Wyoming is having an address. For $50, you can sign a lease to rent space in at our Wyoming address. Lease and address will provide your business all necessary requirements to apply for a Wyoming Sales Tax License. This option includes our $30 a month mail forwarding package (15 items a month, choice of scan or scan and forward).

Get Mail Forwarding Package

Choose Your Scanning Method

Daily Electronic Scan

You mail will be scanned and uploaded electronically and sent to your online account as soon as we receive any mail on your behalf.

Scan and Forward

For Wyoming Mail Forwarding clients seeking privacy we offer the scan and forward mail service, where only the front of the envelope will be scanned and the original piece of mail forwarded to you unopened. ($5 Additional each month)

What is Wyoming Mail Forwarding?

Wyoming mail forwarding is a service in which mail delivered to a client’s virtual Wyoming mail address is forwarded to the client’s designated address. That’s what we do! When you sign up for our service, you choose your package and receive a unique Wyoming mailing address just for you and your business.

Whether your LLC or corporation needs Wyoming mail forwarding for 30 pieces of mail a month or just five, we’ve got the right Wyoming mail forwarding plan for your business. Choose the Wyoming mail forwarding plan that best suits your business and get your own Wyoming address!

Fast Wyoming Mail Forwarding Service

Our business is focused on your Wyoming mailing needs. Whether you need Wyoming mail forwarding services for yourself or a Wyoming LLC or corporation, we’ve got a mailing receiving and scanning option for you.

Here Are Some Questions That Others Have Asked:

How Wyoming Mail Forwarding Works:

  1. When you hire us for mail forwarding service in Wyoming, you’ll be given access to your secure, online account and your business’ new, unique Wyoming address.
  2. When we accept mail for you or your Wyoming business, we will initially scan the mail and upload it to your account minutes after we receive it.
  3. After we forward a digital copy of your mail to your online account, you will be able access your Wyoming mail anywhere you have online access.
  4. If you’ve selected a package that includes forwarding of original copies through the mail, we will forward the original mailing we received to you on a weekly or monthly basis. (With some of our options, you can choose whether we shred, forward, upload, or hold your mail for you).

Who needs mail forwarding service in Wyoming?

  • Out-of-state businesses seeking Wyoming Nexus
  • Private LLCs and corporations in Wyoming
  • Wyoming residents seeking mail privacy

Does all mail count toward monthly mail forwarding totals?

No. If you hire us for Wyoming registered agent service and we accept Service of Process or official mail from the state on behalf of your business, those items we receive as your registered agent will not count against your monthly total.

Do you forward junk mail and does junk mail count against my monthly total?

No. All solicitation junk mail is shredded when we receive it and does not count toward your monthly mail forwarding quota.


Can I use your address as my business’ address?

No. When you choose a Wyoming mail forwarding service, you will be given your own address at our building in Sheridan, WY. This way there’s no confusion whose mail is whose.

What if I need a business phone?

If you’re in need of a secondary phone line for your business, we can help. When you sign up for Wyoming Mail Forwarding, we include a free 60-day trial of Phone Service. This is a secure, private virtual phone line with your choice of area code (we have phone numbers available in all 50 states). Maintaining your virtual phone line is just $9 a month after the trial period ends, and you can cancel anytime (no contract required).

Additional Services

In addition to our Wyoming mail forwarding services, we also offer individuals and entrepreneurs a variety of other services including:

  • Wyoming LLC and Wyoming Corporation Formation Services
  • Wyoming Registered Agent Service
  • Wyoming Virtual Office Service

We are a full-service, business office center dedicated to your business’ Wyoming mail forwarding needs.